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Day 4: Monthly and Weekly Layouts

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. 


Now that we’re finished with long and medium term planning, it’s time to finally introduce you to our monthly & weekly layouts – where you will spend most of your time on throughout the year.


Use the monthly overview pages to keep track of your appointments, tasks, and projects. For the monthly focus, pick something from your 3-month focus.


The Adventure Challenge is at the heart of Adventure Planner. We believe that a life well lived is a life full of adventures. You can define adventure in whatever terms that make the most sense to your life right now. For some, it’s a weekend backpacking trip. For others, it could be vacation time with family, or an urban exploration to someplace you’ve meant to visit, or an epic road trip. It could also be finally starting that side hustle you’ve been thinking about. Challenge yourself to take on a new adventure each month.

The monthly Habit Tracker page helps you develop habits that are important to your overall wellness. Meditate. Yoga. Daily movement. Eat more greens. Daily dose of sunshine. Gym time. Our Habit Tracker is flexible enough to accommodate your evolving habits as more and more of them become second nature to you. Since it takes about 3 weeks for new habits to form, keeping track of your habits on our monthly Habit Tracker page is the best way to improve yourself and develop sustainable healthy habits.


Fill this out when you’re at the end of the month. Reflect upon the highlights of your month. Savor the moments of joy and gratitude. Acknowledge areas where you might’ve fallen short and make plans to change.


The weekly overview pages allow you to plan and see your weekly schedule at a glance. A dot-grid blank section accommodates your needs – use it for notes, gratitude journal, meal plans, or habits that you want to track on a weekly basis.

As you fill out your weekly pages throughout the year, remember to go back and revisit your monthly and 3-month planning pages to review your goals and assess whether you’re making progress towards your medium and long term goals.

We hope you have enjoyed this Getting Started with Adventure Planner series. We can’t wait to see your progress so far! Share your Day 4 progress by tagging @adventure.planner on Instagram.

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